Alessandro Troisi was born in Rome in 1965. After studying art in secondary school (Liceo Artistico), he followed his inclination for Natural History at University, working at the same time as graphic designer and illustrator. 
Passionate ornithologist, he has a particular feeling for the osprey, the Pandion haliaetus, which he considers his "totem" bird; the study of its habitat and biology in its natural environment has brought the artist to visit different places in Europe, like Scotland, England, Corsica, Spain, France, Finland and naturally many Italian locations, like Tuscany and Sardinia. 
Along with patient observations through binoculars and telescope, Alessandro Troisi has produced many sketches and drawings on paper, collecting the material for an osprey-based exhibition that has been displayed at the Maremma Park in Tuscany and the Scandola Park in Corsica. 
He is in touch with the major international osprey experts, in whose company he has been observing the osprey abroad, and with the TIOF, International Osprey Foundation, the American Foundation concerned about the osprey worldwide, of which he is a member and special observer for Italy. 
Troisi has provided many illustrations for the TIOF’s bulletin and website. Lately, thanks to the joint project between the Scandola Park in Corsica and the Maremma Park in Italy, he has actively taken part in the reintroduction of ospreys in Italy. 
The project has planned to release six chicks each year – 2009 marks the 4th year – through the hacking technique. The young ospreys are constantly monitored, and a few from the first two years’ releases have returned to their nests in Maremma, giving hope for the first reproduction. 
Alessandro Troisi has also funded a publishing house, which bears the osprey scientific name: the Pandion Edizioni. Together with Flavio Monti, biologist and overseer of the Maremma project, he has published a monograph on the biology of the osprey and the reintroduction project. 
The book is beautifully illustrated with photographs, sketches and drawings. Troisi has also just illustrated the last book by Roy Dennis, one of Europe’s major experts on ospreys, entitled A life of Ospreys (Whittles Publishing, Scotland). 
He particularly wishes to thank all the friends and osprey experts that have accompanied and guided his observations: Roy Dennis, Keith Brockie, Pertti Saurola, Juhani Koivu, Hannu Hautala, J.Marie Dominici, J.C.Thibault, Tim Makrill and Giampiero Sammuri, Chairman of the Maremma Park and originator of the Italian Osprey Project. He works in Rome, as responsible of the graphic and editorial line of Pandion edizioni and graphic of WWF OASI.  

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